Tuscan Faux Finish by Phoenix Arizona Faux Finishers with Two Decades of Experience

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This client wanted a very select look to convey “brightness” and “cheerfulness” when they arrived home after a day at work. This is a multi-layered style starting with a solid color, custom tinted to the owners specific needs, then two separate layers of translucent glazes brushed and rubbed in a specific pattern. This is all over an almost smooth surface. An experienced faux finisher does not require an expensive retexturing to create an exciting pattern or look of a texture. A series of sample boards were created prior to beginning so the customer and contractor could communicate and arrive at this highly specialized look.
Tuscan Faux Finishes 1 Tuscan Faux Finishes 2
Tuscan Faux Finishes 3 Tuscan Faux Finishes 4
Many more photos are available from this faux finishing job as well as other projects in this home. Arrange a consultation to see the full ECCFF portfolio.


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