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This is the second house we finished for this client. In her master bedroom bath she wanted her square columns constructed out sheets of drywall to look like marble. This method of pushing/squeezing oil glazes to create this chiseled like technique is very popular with our customers but only one of many methods of creating marble looks. Notice the use of a warmer secondary color over a cooler base color. Many other faux finishers rarely use fluctuations of temperature to create added depth. The owner uses his Bachelors degree in the fine arts and over 20 years of experience exploring color in his studio to create added flair for his clients. The three smaller photos on the right were before a clear gloss was brushed on.
Rio Verde Faux Finishers 1
Rio Verde Faux Finishers 2
Rio Verde Faux Finishers 3
Rio Verde Faux Finishers 4
There are many more photos available from this job. As well as other faux finishing projects in this same home. Arrange a consultation to see the full ECCFF portfolio.



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