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This client asked for a finish that looked like parchment paper. The kind the Declaration of Independence was written on. She was very pleased.The photos on the bottom are of the same colors and finish. They show how different lighting can have a great affect on a quality faux finish.
Parchment Paper Faux Finish Parchment Faux Finish
Ten years later ECCFF was called for repairs to get the house ready to sell. Other than holes from wall hangings there were no problems with the finish at all. She wrote us this testimonials-"George does amazing work that has lasted and still looks great 10 years later. I would definitely recommend George’s services to friends, family and clients." Cherie M.
Parchment Paper Faux Finish Parchment Faux Finish
Many more photos are available from this faux finishing job as well as other projects at this location. Arrange a consultation to see the full ECCFF portfolio.



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