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This home owner wanted a very specific look for his exterior bricks. A traditional white wash was used constructed out of powdered lime, salt and other ingredients. Then tinted to two different shades of off white to the home owners exact specifications. White wash is not a paint and will often outlast store bought paints.

This is created with calcium carbonate (an ingredient in mortar), a heated limestone powder that is mixed with water, let to sit for approximately 12 hours until it forms a liquid/paste consistency then brushed on. To make the whitewash more permanent salt was added creating a low sheen or gloss. These combinations have been used for centuries and is much more reliable than paints plus give the mostly opaque, yet thin look the homeowner was looking for. Before starting a series of sample boards were created improving on the look of the original stores facade where the first layer was tinted with a subtle warm shade then a lighter and much cooler top coat was applied giving a more dramatic look.


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