Marble Faux Finishes, marble looks created by Valley of the Sun faux finishers with over two decades of experience.

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A marble faux finish, or marbleizing is a process of layering paint & glazes to create a specific look. Not only is it a more affordable alternative to real marble but has the advantage of being customized to anyones individual tastes. Using a wide range of tools and experience the colors, patterns and techniques can be fashioned to suit each client. These are just a few of the finishes created in the last few years.

Marble Faux Finish 1

A column before the clear gloss is brushed on.

Marble Faux Finish 2

Finished columns make a grand statement.

Marble Faux Finish 3

Step by step photos of the creation of this sample can be seen on the business card page.

Marble Faux Finish 4

Even drywall can be painted with a marble finish.

Marble Faux Finish 5

Any amount of gloss can be used for the final coat.

Marble Faux Finish 6

Custom colors will create your own mood.

Marble Faux Finish 7

Some of the nicest marbles are very subtle in color and shape.

Marble Faux Finish 8

Just the right use of warm and cool colors gives the layered surface greater depth.

Marble Faux Finish 9

The veins can be in any color, shape or amount.

Be sure to look over the custom painted outlet cover page for more examples of ECCFF custom color matching and painting.



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